Our Family

Our Family: Moira


Moira worked for an Italian high street chain before coming to us in Summer 2018…

“Before joining this business, I served as a Waitress, I had no idea what career potential this industry offered. But since coming to Comptoir, I have taken a huge leap in my professional career. I had enjoyed a new way of working and begun to learn a new way to think about business. I found a very strong team which has made me very comfortable at work. I learned a new kitchen, and even now I’m learning about many new ingredients and different food preparations.

All food it’s very nice but I must el you about my favourite, the Chicken Taouk Grill. Our special marinating process makes the meat tender and tasty and after the first bite you’re sold!   The dish is accompanied by a winning combination of rice mixed with vermicelli and salad topped with a dressing that blends the sour taste of vinegar with the sweetness of pomegranate. Delicious!

My happiest memory so far was when I saw my picture in the Company’s newspaper (the Levantine times) because I helped my team to get 100% guest experience and I was nominated employee of the month. It was a fantastic and satisfying emotion for me, especially after hard work done.

If someone wants to work at Comptoir, it could be an excellent opportunity for own professional career. The Company offers the chance to work with a great team of friendly and passionate people that make you feel like you are in a big family. They are ready to support and help you, believing always in your abilities.

If you work hard with passion, respecting the required standards, you can grow up quickly, getting important positions in your career and achieving success!”