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Our Story


The early years saw me taking whatever work I could in the trade …

What started as an insatiable wanderlust became a never ending adventure for Tony. Arriving in London, 1988, with no money, no contacts and no expectations, Tony took any job and learnt the restaurant business from the ground up. When the opportunity to open his own restaurant arrived, he jumped, and so began his next chapter, Levant.


Bringing this dream to fruition

Tony spent his years with Levant creating a place that welcomed everyone from all walks of life, one where great food and new flavours were accessible to everyone. This sense of warmth and generosity itswhat made Levant such a successful venture, and that is the biggest mark of pride for Tony across his career.


‘Lebanese counter’ — was born

“I would walk the high streets and see so much Italian food, Thai food and French food but no Lebanese food. So, my dream was to open an affordable Lebanese canteen where people could experience the warmth and culture of Middle Eastern cuisine. In 2008, Comptoir Libanais — translated as ‘Lebanese counter’ — was born” - Tony Kitous


His cookbook aims to serve as a gateway to culinary adventures

Sharing stories, like sharing food, is a huge part of Lebanese culture, so when Tony had the opportunity to combine these long-standing practices, he threw his heart into it. His first cookbook was an invitation to experience authentic Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. The following books have added to the rich tapestry of recipes and inspiration that brings thousands of diners the flavour of Comptoir from the comfort of home.


First overseas restaurant opens!

As the legend of Comptoir and our incredible dishes spread, so has our reach. More people than ever are now enjoying the enriching, signature hospitality of Comptoir. Starting first with Utrecht and then onto the Middle East, Tony’s dream of inspiring cultural exchange through food continues to grow.