Our Family

Our family: Katya


Katya is relatively new to our team in Manchester, but has a lovely story to tell

“I’ve been working as an assistant manager all this time and well, I’ve grown J as a manager and as a person. I’ve learned a lot about the culture and even started learning a bit of Arabic J.

My two favourite things are the 2 F’s: Food and Family!

Food, Food, Food – it is outstanding! I remember the first time I came, for my interview, and how amazed was I by the colours, the variety of meals and flavours and the fact it is all fresh! Not many restaurants can boast of that. It is very important for me to be proud of what I serve to the Guests and our menu and our fantastic kitchen team make it very easy! Our Manchester favourite is the Lamb Maqlooba. Ever felt how meat can melt in your mouth? Well, it does that!

What I also value in Comptoir is that it is indeed a Family. Unfortunately you don’t get this feeling in many big companies nowadays and it does help you day in day out. We’re all together, we go through rough times together and celebrate our victories together. You know, like a Family.

Thinking of coming to join us? You should not hesitate. Comptoir is unique and I can promise even if you’ve worked in the industry for 5, 10, 15 years, you will learn something new.”