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Ramadan Celebratory Feast Menu


To spread love and awareness about what Ramadan is and to cultivate the inclusivity that is at the heart of the festival, Tony and the Comptoir Libanais team are putting together a special sharing menu for the period.

Tony Kitous, the founder, says, “Ramadan is a special time in our culture as it is when families and friends get together and enjoy breaking the fast in the evening. It is about sharing and appreciating having everyone around us, celebrating our culture and being thankful for what we have. I would love everyone to be able to share this and experience this special time, too, which is why we have created this small feast menu, which is available for everyone from 6pm.”

This menu Tony and his team have created is based on traditional recipes cooked by mothers all over the Middle East and North Africa during Ramadan and and is a time for them to eat together at the same time, each day, for 30 days.

“When I was a boy, my mum would spend the whole day cooking during the time she was fasting. Starting in the morning, she would make all of the recipes she knew by heart. But, because as young kids we didn’t fast during the day, we would help her by being her official tasters and check the seasoning. “Does it need more salt?” she’d ask, or “Perhaps a drizzle more honey?” Of course we loved doing this and enjoyed it all the more when it was time to break the fast.”

Tony has taken inspiration from his childhood and these memories and now it is him who is putting on the feast in the evening with his mum and family. He invites all of his friends, from every culture and whatever their background, to come and break the fast in the evening. If someone is late though, he won’t hold back! He’s been waiting all day to eat so you’ll find him already tucking into the food!

Tony remarks, “We hope you’ll come and join us for the feast and celebrate this special time with us.”

The Comptoir Libanais set menu costs £24.95 per person and is available during Ramadan from 6pm from 15th May to 14 th June 2018 in all restaurants around the country.