Our Story

I had just turned 18 when my friend and I decided we would travel to London. I arrived with £70 in my pocket, but it was still very easy for me to fall in love with the city that summer and knew I wanted to one day own a restaurant in London.

I like food – in fact, I love food.
A simple smell of food can take me back to the markets I used to go to with my dad and granddad to buy ingredients for my mum. Or it can transport me back to the days when I was a student and could smell the food in the air on my way back home from school.

My Main focus with creating a restaurant was to ensure the guests fall in love with the Middle East and its bold flavours and generous hospitality. My dream is still to make Lebanese food as popular as Italian food because I strongly believe the food of the Middle East is the best in the world, and that is what we serve in Comptoir Libanais everyday to our guests.

Tony Kitous xxx