Welcome to our home of Comptoir Libanais

We are very proud about our restaurant in Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht and we are so excited to spread the love of Lebanese cuisine and our generous culture. We serve real Lebanese home-cooking all day, every day, bringing the flavours of Lebanon.

I really hope you enjoy your visit to our restaurant

Tony Kitous
Comptoir Libanais founder

  • Our Food

    Our menu at Comptoir is based on Lebanese and Middle-Eastern mothers food and recipes. Our cuisine is healthy, fresh and offers a huge variety of different dishes. Our way of eating is all about bringing friends and family together to share food around the table just like we do in Lebanon and all over the Middle-East.
    You will find in our menu dishes such as Mezze Platters, ideal for sharing, Lebanese wraps, marinated Grills, Tagines, Man’ousha- flat breads, selection of Baklawa and Lebanese desserts as well as our own lemonades such as Romana (orange blossom water & pomegranate lemonade),
    Rosa (rose, lemon and lime lemonade), and of course our popular Rose Mint Tea.
    We also make healthy, freshly squeezed juices and have a long list of Lebanese wines and beers. Our cocktails are created using the flavours and ingredients of Lebanon.

  • Our Decor

    Our design is real story telling, based on my childhood memories. We want to make you feel like you are eating in a souk somewhere in Beirut, Marrakesh, Istanbul or Cairo. The décor is friendly, fun,humorous and very inviting – a true Middle-Eastern experience.
    You will be surrounded by colourful tiles which can be found in Arabic homes, courtyards and kitchens. As well as grandmother’s oilcloth chairs, brass tables, harrisa tins, vintage brass and silver trays, old family pictures, Fez hats, hand of Fatma all adding to the setting.

  • Our Souk

    My dream for Comptoir Libanais is to create a place for everyone to eat, drink in humble and friendly surroundings. I always wanted to make Lebanese and Middle Eastern food accessible for everyone and spread the love of genious cuisine and warm hospitality.

    All around our restaurant you can see ingredients we use in our cooking so that you can familiarise yourself with it. We also have handmade Moroccan bags and beautiful homeware, all of which are imported from the Middle East.

  • Our Family

    Our team is our family, we are very humbled to have such passionate, friendly and caring team to
    look after you and your friends.