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Lentil & Rainbow Chard Soup


Serves 4

1 onion, chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
100g rainbow chard
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 tsp ground cumin
225g green lentils
1.2 litres hot chicken, lamb or vegetable stock
half lemon
salt and ground black pepper

Taken from the Comptoir Libanais Express cookbook.

Put the onion in a pan with the olive oil.

Cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes until the onion starts to turn golden at the edges.

Give the pan a shake every now and then to toss the onions around in the oil.
Finely chop the stems of the rainbow chard and stir into the glistening onions along with the garlic and cumin. Season well.

Add the lentils and stock, then put a lid on the pan and bring to a simmer.

Turn the heat down low and cook for 30-35 minutes until the lentils are soft.
Chop the chard leaves, leaving any tiny ones whole to decorate the top of the soup, and stir into the soup along with a squeeze of lemon.

Cook for 3-4 minutes until the leaves have softened then serve.