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Iftar Feast


Come & join us at Comptoir Libanais to eatfeast & celebrate during Ramadan. 

Available from 23rd March

As Ramadan begins, we recognise the importance of coming together, reflecting, giving and sharing. As many of our friends and family prepare to fast during daylight hours for the forthcoming month, we would love for everyone to join us and enjoy our Iftar Feast.​​​​​​​
Iftar, one of the religious observances of Ramadan, refers to the meal eaten after sunset. People often come together as communities to break their fast, as it is a time for sharingfeasting and celebrating. Traditionally, three dates are eaten with milk or Laban to break the fast, in emulation of the Islamic tradition. Iftar Feast is available from Thursday, 23rd March – Friday, 21st April. Available for Dine In, Takeaway & Delivery. Available at all Comptoir Libanais UK restaurants excluding Comptoir Libanais Stansted Airport, Cheshire Oaks and Ashford.