L’amour Eternal: delicious food pairings


Comptoir Libanais, has delicious pairings of our food, that can never be separated


You may have seen this beautiful motif in our restaurants and as you can tell, we absolutely believe in the power of eternal love! For the team at Comptoir Libanais, the delicious pairings of our food can never be separated.


Across all cuisines, there are timeless duos, but we certainly believe we have some of the most delicious combinations of all! Our fresh rose mint tea is served with honey and date baklawa which are perfect together. You also cannot have our chicken kofta without our garlic sauce. Tagines and rice were made for each other, and what else would you want to dip into your hommos than pitta bread?


As February is the month of love we thought it was time to celebrate our timeless food classics!



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