A-Z of Ingredients: G


An introduction to the varied ingredients of Lebanese food, as taken from our second cookbook.



Though from the outside Lebanese food is sometimes thought of as being a cuisine intensely flavoured with garlic, that’s actually not true. Garlic is used sparingly in Lebanon, and though they do use intense garlic sauces it’s not a staple in all savoury recipes as it has increasingly become in the West. I tend to either accompany a dish with a garlic sauce if I want my guests to have the flavour intense, otherwise I use it discreetly so the flavour enhances rather than overpowers the dish.



Ramadan Celebratory Feast Menu

To spread love and awareness about what Ramadan is and to cultivate the inclusivity that is at the heart of the festival, Tony and the Comptoir Libanais team are putting together a special sharing menu for the period. Tony Kitous, the founder, says, “Ramadan is a special time in our culture as it is when […]

Aubergine Shakshuka dish


Sneak Peek: Aubergine Shakshuka Recipe

Our new cookbook is available on 8th March 2018. The cookbook is packed with recipes from Tony’s childhood, and from recipes from his travels across the Middle East and North Africa. One of our favourite recipes is the Aubergine Shakshuka and we thought we would share it with you now!   Aubergine Shakshuka SHAKSHUKA BATENJAN […]


L’amour Eternal: delicious food pairings

  You may have seen this beautiful motif in our restaurants and as you can tell, we absolutely believe in the power of eternal love! For the team at Comptoir Libanais, the delicious pairings of our food can never be separated.   Across all cuisines, there are timeless duos, but we certainly believe we have […]